Common Hindi Phrases to Use in Everyday Life

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From spirituality to food, from art to architecture, from industries to various cultures, all of this has led us to learn the very great language that is Hindi. It is very easy to speak the Hindi language and the learning process doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Hindi is the widely spoken language in India and it has been derived from the language Sanskrit. It is written in Devanagari script. Because of various similarities, learning how to speak as well as right Hindi will help you to speak other languages such as Nepalese, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu, Sanskrit, etc.

The Hindi language is written from left to right and English speakers are familiar with the style of writing. It is comparatively easy to read Hindi words as they are generally written and pronounced equally because each character of the Hindi alphabet has its different sound.

Before we get started with various Hindi phrases let us tell you that basic Hindi vocabulary expressions words and phrases are very useful when you are traveling to Delhi (capital of India) or looking for Hindu temples while exploring India.

Let’s Hop on to the list of common Hindi phrases to use in your everyday life-

If you ever get the chance of learning the Hindi language don’t even try to miss out on this golden opportunity biggest while traveling to this diverse nation you will witness fun-filled shopping along with many other activities. These simple and everyday phrases in Hindi might help you out while exploring places or Indian shops.

1)    What is your name? Starting with the very easy one, and that is a way of asking your name. In Hindi, if we translate this sentence then it will be produced as, “AAPKA NAAM KYA HAI?”. Once you ask this question the other person will reply to you with their name and how to address them.

2)    Where do you live? This phrase translates to, “AAP KAHA REHTE HAI?”. The person whom you are asking this question will reply to you with their place of living along with their city, state, and country.

3)    What work do you do? In Hindi, we say, “AAP KYA KAAM KARTE HAI?”. The question is generally asked to get to know about others’ professions, their way of earning, and their location of work too.

4)    Do you speak Hindi? This Hindi phrase is pronounced as, “KYA AAP HINDI BOLTE HAI?”. This question is generally asked by people who want to know if the other person is familiar with the Hindi language or not.

5)    I am sorry- when apologizing to someone in, Hindi I am sorry- “MAAF KAREIN”. This is a very polite way to ask the other person to pardon us for our mistake.

6)    Hope to see you again- when we are pleased by someone after meeting them, when bidding goodbye to them we generally say hope to see you again as “AASHA HAI FIR MILENGE”. In this way, we are saying goodbye to the other person with the hope to see them again and conduct a fun-filled meeting in the future again.

7)    I live in…- this statement is produced in response to “where do you live?” (aap kaha rehte hai?). We say, “MAI……..(name of the place) REHTA/REHTI HU?”. The verb depends upon the person’s gender.

8)    It was nice meeting you- Again, when we are pleased with meeting someone generally for the very first time, we give a nice response by saying, “AAPSE MILKAR ACHA LAGA”. In this way, you create a good impression in the listener’s mind.

9)    It is a Pleasant Day- Another Important Hindi Phrase that we use in daily life is this one. In Hindi, we say this sentence as, “AAJ KA DIN ACCHA HAI”. When we like the weather, or when something good happens on a particular day, we use this phrase by calling it pleasant or “ACHA” in Hindi.

10) Can you help me?- This Hindi phrase is for someone who’s been to India for the very first time and doesn’t know where to go, what to do and how to move along. You can simply ask for help from localities by saying, “KYA AAP MERI MADAD KAR SAKTE HAI?”. This question is a very helpful question and the people of India will never say no to it. They will always do their best to help you out in every way and make your exploring fun.

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These were some of the important Hindi Phrases that people of India use daily. Everyone who’s visiting India for the very first time, or is residing in India but is not fluent in the Hindi language, you should download Hindi Keyboard App to be awarded about all important Hindi words and phrases so that you can communicate with people of India easily and with zero confusion with this Hindi Keyboard.

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